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From Business Mum to Business Mum

October 14, 2016


Winter is approaching and it’s a great time to evolve your skill sets ready to build your business next year. I am constantly approached by small business who need their social media channels running but I am confident that small 1 – 5 people businesses can run their own channels with the right guidance without needing to incur large monthly costs.

I have over 10 years experience in social media marketing and have worked with many famous clients. I have put together a simple 3 month program that will educate you ‘on the job’ with expert advice and creative concepts that will prepare you to go into 2017 with a a better understanding of how you can best make your social media challenges work for you. You will receive at least one 2 to 3 hour face to face session each month as well as a on going support and ideas to help you maximise your businesses potential.

The cost of this program is a single payment of €350 for an inclusive 3 month period and if you mention Kids In Ibiza you get 5% discount. If you would like full details please email