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Self Rescue – Children of the Water

February 16, 2016


Children are naturally drawn to lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, beaches, and pools. It only takes a second for an accident to occur no matter how careful a parent supervises their child.
Children Of The Water provides self rescue courses for babies & young children, from crawling age up till 6 years, They are taught to float, control their breathing and (depending on age) get to safety. This gives them the ability to potentially save themselves, should they fall in the water unexpectedly.
For further information and details on our courses please visit
For reservations, please contact:
+34 608 403 428
Course Dates
Course: April 6th – May 11th
Course: May 9th – June 3rd
Limited spaces
Avda. Del Golf 59
07819 Ibiza, Spain

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