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PARENTING COURSE with Sharon Loerzer

September 21, 2015


For parents of children of ALL AGES.
Given by Sharon Loerzer, Sa’Sen Yin therapist
8 intensive clases, spaced over 8 weeks
As our children are constantly changing and developing, we also have to constantly adjust our tactics and perception.
The secret lies in knowing when to change, and what it is we can change ……..this seems quite simple, but it is often not as easy as we think.
In this course we learn to recognize exactly what is key to our child’s well-being at any given moment. You are given the perspective and the tools to see these crucial moments, you will learn to pinpoint the core issue of any situation or problem, gaining in this way more autonomy as a parent.
High priority is given to teaching you to perceive the spiritual intent of your child in any given moment. This is a teaching that is not commonly found in parenting guidance and counselling, yet through her training with Ria Panen and her many years of working with families, Sharon has come to give this aspect its deserved place in child rearing.
Every family is different, and for this reason you will not be learning general rules, because they don’t always apply to everybody. Rather, you will be learning skills and techniques that you can use in a personal way with each child individually, depending on the situation.

We will focus on:
-recognizing and understanding the different phases in a child’s development…..physical, emotional and spiritual. We will especially learn to understand and diagnose the spiritual issues pertinent to each developmental stage. Being able to do this gives an important base to how we handle their emotional and physical issues. From there we proceed to work on the other exercises….
-communication….vital in all relationships
-discipline, self discipline and balancing priorities
-rhythm, routine, spontanteity
-the NON-verbal language of children, and in particular that of your own child
-the importance of childhood illnesses and fevers
-self confidence……in your child and your own
-imbalances…….in sleep, eating, studies, hygiene/personal habits….
-inherited patterns….our own and those of our children……and choosing which ones serve us and which ones no longer do
……..and much more…..
Each class includes practical exercises to do at home, and an evaluation of the exercises of the last class.
During the course, Sharon gives her full support to the evolution of your family. Each participant is invited to bring their personal concerns to the class and we address these in light of the new skills that we are working on.
Sharon repeats this course continuously, starting on the first Tuesday of every second month.
8 classes, once a week
First class: The first Tuesday of October, December, February, April, June, August….of 2015/2016.
This is the first meeting… we arrange what day and time works for all the parents for future classes, and start the first exercises.
Price: €400 per individual person
€700 per couple
Sign up with Sharon: email:
or ask any questions telephone: 639467279

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