Mamas in Ibiza

Alexandra Sixt

Kids in Ibiza are proud to showcase a series of hard working Ibiza Mamas who have built their own business empire. This week we present you with entrepeneur, Alexandra Sixt who co-runs multiple businesses on the island and is a well recognised figure in the island´s busy hospitality industry.

What brought you to Ibiza?

To be honest, it was love… In the summer of 2007, I fell in love with my now husband and it is almost 11 years that I relocated from Berlin to Ibiza.
We travelled with my heavily laden car from Stuttgart to Ibiza and just a few days later a container full of our worldly possessions arrived.

Tell us about your children:

My Son Balthazar is almost 4 and a half years old and speaks Spanish, German and some English. Lego is his current favourite and he often likes to play Lego Police. He loves tennis and football and in the past few days, he has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers. Balthi is a real fan of the outdoors and is always happy to wake up to a sunny day in Ibiza.

Nurseries and schools in Ibiza – what have you chosen for your children and why?

We were exceptionally lucky to gain a place at the kindergarten in Santa Gertrudis. Balthazar started at Menuts aged 11 months old.  It is just how I imagined a kindergarten to be; fabulous teachers, lovingly put together and child-friendly spaces to play and learn; simply lovely!
As a result, we were offered a place at the public school in San Carlos, which with hindsight we are super happy with. The school is very family orientated, close to nature and there is a real sense of connection between families and teachers. The kids are just footsteps away from the forest, which they can explore in their break time.
As with all state run schools, teaching takes place in Catalan. We have therefore made the decision to move Balthi to Mestral in Ibiza, where he will be taught in Castellano and English. The opportunity was there, so we took it.

Tell us about your business:

Our business has many sides to it and attracts a multinational crowd. From representatives of large brands to individual consumers, our work life is always refreshing and certainly never boring.

Our beachside restaurant Pura Vida keeps us busy throughout the year. We are currently renovating ready for the 2019 season and planning seasonal events.  As a wedding planner, Ma Cherie welcomes future wedding couples for viewings and of course tastings from our catering company ‘The Ibiza Catering’.

Our bakery, Samos Deli also never sleeps and our exciting new project ‚The Village‘ plans to offer families, couples and individuals alike, a relaxed and affordable neighbourhood dining environment in Siesta. With a moderate, ‘not too fancy‘ but ´family chic‘ price tag, we plan be the place to meet for a coffee, glass of wine and some cool snacks.

What’s your mama trick to manage work and family life?

Spontaneity is the key. We find over planning our time together can result in last minute cancellations and work commitments taking over. I love to make room for quality mama and son time together and equally like to crack open a bottle of wine, prepare a nice meal and have a romantic evening in with my hubby.

What’s your favourite day out with your family?

In both summer and winter, it is simply wonderful to be at home. We spend summer afternoons by the pool followed by an early evening sunset meal at Pura Vida.

In winter it is fab to just ease into the day, normally pottering around at home, Balthi playing Lego, helping us out and then heading to the beach for lunch in the sunshine. We also love welcoming the whole family (Granny, Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle and cousins) round to ours.

What’s your best day (and night) spent on the island when not working and off mama duty:

Off duty mama sounds great and ordinarily would consist of a cup of coffee and green tea by the pool in the sunshine, a few deep breaths and allow the day to begin.  Formentera by boat is always a winner, be it with my husband, friends or on my own.

Evenings wouldn’t be a late one, however a few drinks sat out on the terrace with friends is a great way to see the day out.

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