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Lija Kruszynski

Kids in Ibiza are proud to showcase a series of hard working Ibiza Mamas who have built their own business empire. This time we present you with entrepeneur and mum of two boys Lija Kruszynski who runs the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eulalia.

What brought you to Ibiza?
I grew up in Vienna but my Mum is Russian and my Father is Polish, so I am a bit of a cultural mix. Living in a tropical climate by the sea one day, was always a dream of mine. Claudio, my partner, decided to move to Ibiza back in 2013. We were just freshly dating and he invited me to come visit him in Ibiza. I fell in love with the Island…well and a little bit with him too. 🙂 A long distance relationship wasn’t an option for us, so we decided I would join him in Ibiza and see how our relationship would unfold. Just a few short months later I was pregnant and at the beginning of starting a business – PureOm Yoga Studio. It was pretty full on and challenging at times. My mantra during that time was: Don´t think about it, just do it. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on finding solutions.

Tell us about your children:
I have two boys, my older one, Manoel, is 4 1/2 and his little brother Lucian is going to be 2 in a couple of months. At home, Claudio speaks German with them and I speak Russian. Their grandmother and nursery speak Spanish with them. They both understand all three languages really well. I grew up tri-lingual and I am so grateful to be fluent in 5 languages (German, Russian, Polish, English, Spanish). I want to give the same gift to my children.

Nurseries and schools in Ibiza – what have you chosen for your children and why?
Manoel started with a private childminder (in Spanish “Madre de Día”.) He switched to a Waldorf Kindergarden last year and his little brother took his place with the childminder. The first years of a child´s life are a critical and very sensitive stage. We wanted to have care givers who would connect with our children on a deeper level and guide them on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, rather than just entertain them for a few hours per day. It was also very important to us that our children would spend a good chunk of time outside exploring the natural environment. We have found just that with our Madre de Dia and the Waldorf School.

Tell us about your business:
I run the PureOm Yoga Studio in Santa Eulalia. We have daily Yoga classes in the mornings and evenings and a team of 5 teachers and several therapists who take care of our students and clients every day. My team is truly amazing and I am grateful for each and every one of them.

I am also an official distributor of fresh & organic cosmetics and supplements from an Austrian company called Ringana and I also lead a small team of women who have embarked on this journey with me.

I am quite active on my social media platforms, helping busy mamas and women to keep a positive outlook on life, inspiring them to take care of their bodies in a natural way and keep toxins and negativity out of the body and mind.

What’s your mama trick to manage work and family life?
My trick is to set priorities with my work tasks. I keep one ‘long’ to-do list ( it’s exhausting to try and remember everything! As soon as it’s written down I can relax) and another ‘daily’ short to-do list. The short list only contains tasks I can realistically do within one day. I have also learned to say NO to certain job opportunities or requests if they take away too much time away from my children and are not 100% worth the effort. Afternoons are usually spent with the kids and I catch up on my work in the evenings for a couple of hours when they go to sleep.
This may sound boring, but I love my three jobs and enjoy working in the evenings 🙂

What’s your favorite day out with your family?
Saturdays and Sundays because that’s when Claudio doesn’t work and we get to spend the whole day together as a family.

What’s your best day and night spent on the island when not working and off mama duty: 
I usually spend one morning per week with Claudio. In the winter, we like to go hiking, practice yoga together or to play padel on the beach. In the summer, we usually hang out on the beach, go for a swim and have nice lunch in a restaurant.

As a true foodie, for me the best night is spent being out in a good restaurant with friends (Taco Paco, Bollywood, Caos).

Another thing I love to do at night is to sweat it all out in an invigorating Temascal gathering.

You can find more information about PureOm Yoga Studio on the website

If you would like to contact Lija, please send an email to or follow her on social media Facebook or Instagram.

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