Mamas in Ibiza

Natalie Chaponnel

Natalie and I met in 2009, when I needed a website for Kids in Ibiza. Back then, a certain new website called White Ibiza made quite an impression on me and I wanted the White Ibiza people to design my website, too. Little did I know that this would be the start of a close friendship.

Not only did I fall in love with White Ibiza, but also with the girl behind the brand.

It’s about time that I’m presenting this mama – meet one of my favourite ladies on this island, meet Natalie Chaponnel.

What brought you to Ibiza?
I came to Ibiza in the summer of 2003 after 7 years in London and Amsterdam, chasing the warmer weather and looking to improve my Spanish language skills.

Tell us about your daughter:
My daughter, Milla, was soon born on the island and life unfolded here after that.  She is now 13 years old and very passionate and creative especially about performing arts. She travels all over the world with her dance academy performing in dance shows and competitions. I’m incredibly proud of her and all she has achieved.

Schools in Ibiza – what have you chosen for Milla and why?
Milla went to Santa Gertrudis primary school and was very happy there for many years. Being Australian, the primary language spoken at home for Milla has been English and I wanted to ensure she had a strong foundation education in her native tongue – Spanish. In year 5 we felt it was time for a change so she could join her friends as they took the next step and started secondary school at Morna International College.  Last year she was accepted into a performing arts school in the UK so we decided to test the waters. It was very exciting to experience all the opportunities to specialise in and links to dance and performing arts academies in London. Whilst it wasn’t the right time for us as a family, we expect to return soon to facilitate educational and career opportunities in the field she is so passionate about.

Tell us about your business and what we can expect from you in 2020:
I setup a website called White Ibiza in 2007 to showcase the beautiful side of the island, which we felt was missing in Ibiza’s global profile at the time. 13 years later we have grown the business to include a luxury holiday villa and real estate agency, a digital agency specialising in publishing and online marketing for luxury island brands and more recently a wedding and event planning company.

What’s your mama trick to manage work and family life?
Yoga. Haha. I gift myself a couple of hours on the mat every morning to breathe and clear my mind which sets me up with with energy, clarity, patience and calm I need to breeze through the day. It also ensures I eat well and stay healthy, there is no time to be sick when you are a single, working mother!

What’s your best day and night spent on the island when not working and off mama duty: 
My best day would involve a long walk on the beach with my dog, lots of yoga, followed by a healthy brunch in the sun.  A massage would then be followed by a siesta. Then dinner with friends or a movie.

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