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Sandra Albuschat

Kids in Ibiza are proud to showcase a series of hard working Ibiza Mamas who have built their own business empire here in Ibiza. This week we present you with fitness expert Sandra Albuschat who offers personalized training programmes, group fitness classes and a dedicated pre and post natal training programme for expectant and new mums called Mama Fitness Ibiza.

What brought you to Ibiza?

I first came to Ibiza in 1990 on holidays, as the parents of my partner at the time owned an apartment here. I immediately loved the multi-cultural vibe of the island and its´ people and wanted to become one of them. I returned in 1999 and worked in Cala Pada as a sports entertainer but fell in love with an Austrian so moved to Austria. I returned in 2004 and have lived here ever since.

Tell us about your children:

My son Ari was born in 2012 and is now 5.5 years old. As a single mum, an English neighbour of mine helped us quite a lot when he was younger and we began speaking English together.  I now speak German with him at home and he speaks Castellano at school and more recently learnt Catalan.

Nurseries and schools in Ibiza – what have you chosen for your children and why?

Ari first went to El Arbol de Las Risas in Santa Eulalia where he learnt Castellano. He now attends the public school in Santa Eulalia where both Castellano and Catalan form part of the curriculum. Understanding Catalan has been quite a challenge for him; we are working with his teacher to try and improve this.  I am however happy with my choice of school for Ari as it is local and familiar and we feel part of the Spanish speaking community.

Tell us about your business:

I am a mobile Personal Trainer and also offer group classes. I specialise in training females and offer a dedicated pre and post natal training programme called Mama Fitness Ibiza.  My weight loss training programme is a clever combination of cardio training, muscle strengthening and nutrition. I offer body shaping classes such as my beach body challenge and I offer resistance training like XBT training or ´Piloxing´. This is a combination of pilates and boxing that simultaneously develops strength and cardio capacity. I am able to hold indoor and outdoor training camps, as we are so blessed with the climate here in Ibiza. My ultimate goal is for women to feel well in their bodies. A perfect body does not make a happy body; inner strength, harmony and balance are the key.

What’s your mama trick to manage work and family life?

Being well-organised is a must. With no family on the island and a single mum, I have managed to adapt my work around the needs of my son. When he was younger this was trickier and I would hold classes in the morning whilst he was at nursery and do admin whilst he was sleeping.  Now he’s older I have more time as he can stay in the comedor at school.  Good friends and a grandpa who visits are also a great help.

What’s your favourite day out with your children /family?

Our weekend activities consist of lots of fresh air, walking, getting up close and personal with nature and animals, and meeting with friends and when warm enough we go to the beach. There are plenty of kid’s events on across the island as well.

What’s your best day (and night) spent on the island when not working and off mama duty?

By day I would head to the beach or go hiking.

By night I would join forces with my friends and go check out a local party; Las Dalias for example.


If you are interested in a class or a personal training with Sandra, please contact her.

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