Mamas in Ibiza

Sina Engel

Kids in Ibiza are proud to showcase a series of hard working Ibiza Mamas who have built their own business empire here in Ibiza. This week we present you with Sina Engel who has realised her dream of becoming a Private Chef. She offers bespoke culinary packages such as mobile candy and cake bars and exclusive catering.

What brought you to Ibiza?

I have been living in Ibiza for 8 years. Back then, I was here on holiday and rented a room off my future husband. He had been living on the island for 15 years and acted as my personal tour guide, showing me all the secret spots away from the tourists. We both noticed a spark and 2 weeks later I came back. As it turns out, we are both from the same hometown in Germany. This initial trip not only saw me fall in love with my now husband but with this beautiful island and Ibiza itself. We managed a distance relationship for a short while before me moving over permanently.


Tell us about your children:

Our first child arrived pretty soon into our relationship; 9 months to be precise and I now have a nearly 7 year old and nearly 4 year old. We all speak German at home and the children speak Spanish and Catalan at school and are learning English.


Nurseries and schools in Ibiza – what have you chosen for your children and why?

Both our children attend the public pre-school and primary school in Santa Gertrudis, which came well recommended from friends with older children that live locally. I was a little sceptical at first of the children being educated in Catalan, however soon discovered that it doesn’t matter what language the children were being exposed to, that the school’s creative, project based learning curriculum was the overriding and most important factor. There is a wide range of children with international backgrounds that mean my children are exposed to a variety of languages and are also picking English up easily.


Tell us about your work:

I am a private chef and ´one woman show´. I design and provide catering for exclusive dinner parties ranging from 15-60 people, picnics, bespoke candy bars (including healthy options) and provide local restaurants and chiringuitos with my famous German cake.
I love my job because I get to visit different locations and venues and meet new people. I am able to express my creativity through cooking and where possible use locally sourced, bio/eco-friendly products.
Ibiza is a place where passion and creativity override qualifications and professional training. Ibiza most definitely has enabled me to turn my passion for cooking into a reality.


What’s your mama trick to manage work and family life?

Good grandparents, who we are fortunate enough to have visit regularly. Without them we would be lost.


What’s your favourite day out with your family?

In summer the beach always works.
In winter we love walks in the Ibizan countryside with our dog, ending up at Paloma café.


What’s your best day (and night) spent on the island when not working and off mama duty: 

By day I would go to Atzaro Spa for a day of pampering.
By night I would go for Sushi in Ibiza town.


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