Nurseries and schools in Ibiza – making the right choice for YOUR family

Schools and nurseries in Ibiza – registration is opening soon!

Choosing a school or nursery in Ibiza, as well as navigating the school registration process can all be a bit daunting if you aren’t familiar with the Spanish system and perhaps the language either.

It is often a topic of slight confusion amongst the international community, so here at Kids in Ibiza we wanted to put together some key information to help you on your way.

  • The enrolment process for any child turning 3 years old in 2019 begins on the 25th March. NOW is therefore the time to gather all papers, especially if you are considering a local state school for your little one.
  • Registration for escoletas and public nurseries for children between 4 months up to toddler age born in 2017, starts on 4th April
  • For all children who are born in 2015 or before, registration starts on 13th May.

The whole registration process takes place online, so you do not need to go anywhere in person to register.

Once the date arrives, the electronic form is available for you to complete online here: . It is available in Spanish and Catalan.

Are you a bit confused now, mama? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Kids in Ibiza will be offering an informative talk at Keto Kitchen in Santa Gertrudis on the 22nd March. The workshop is mainly aimed at international parents with children in the 0-6 years age range.

If you are looking to put your child into nursery, private day care, any local or private school and you feel you need some guidance, this talk is for you.

When:  22.03.2019,  10.00-12.00h

Where: Keto Kitchen, Santa Gertrudis 

Price:   29€ incl. Keto Breakfast

39€ for talk and sign up appointment (1h at our office in the week of 25th March, 4th April or 13th May depending on the child’s date of birth)

Please register for this here as places are limited and we want to make sure that there is breakfast for everyone 🙂